Autumn versus summer

Autumn versus summer

Oh my where do I begin! I am not a summer person at all, don't get me wrong I do love the sun but well the heat (and I mean anything higher than 22degrees) is just too much. I'm a chunky yarn fibre artist and this weather is not good for making. I am currently working in the evenings and managing admin in the daytime as it is just to hot and sticky to hold yarn and make beautiful things with it.

It's also a little sad that I just don't get inspired by this time of year, well I'm only inspired by cocktails by a pool.

I am a Autumn gal through and through the colours the chunky knits the crispy leaves, pumpkins I love everything about Autumn, I get so very excited about it and so inspired. 

Copper, gold, soft fudge and coffee bean browns, parchment beige, khaki and forest greens, and deep reds, to be honest you just need to look at my collection to see how inspired I am by autumn. Have you seen my chunky rainbow bonnet, or my toadstool bonnet which both go perfectly with the fox and bear bonnets and beanies.

You can also see my love of autumn through how many hats I have in my Pumpkin collection, I mean is seven designs a bit much? and my new pumpkin decorations? I'm currently wondering about a pumpkin wreath but feel this may be a bit excessive. Pop me a comment if you think i should have a go! 

I guess my happy place is curled up with a chunky cardigan my hooks and yarn with a hot cup of tea watching my favourite film or listening to my favourite spotify playlist. Tell me what is your favourite season? Is it Autumn why do you love it? 

Talk soon Lou xx 

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