Know your bonnet styles

Know your bonnet styles

You may have noticed that one of my product choices is whether to have a 'pixie' or 'round' bonnet. Well I get asked a lot what is the difference so I thought a wee blog post may help. 

The differernce is the shape of the bonnet and how it sits on the head. As you can see from the photos below the pixie shape is more square/rectangle shape which creates this cute pixie point at the top of the head. This design does come slightly lower down the neck too. 

The round bonnet fits more snugly round the shape of the head and comes a little bit more forward around the head. 

Both style bonnets are available in nearly all my designs and create a super snug and cosy hat to wear, with ties that help keep it on place. All you need to do is decide what colour you'd like!! 

Hope that helps. Love Lou x 

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