New year Same Me - but growing!

New year Same Me - but growing!

I've been thinking hard over the past year or so about new years resolutions and I can probably tell you that I have never succeeded in any of them over the years.

Last year I changed my thought process and instead of creating a load of new years resolutions I chose a word. One word to work at or towards, to encourage, inspire and motive me.

Last year my word was confidence and by gosh it was challenging I wanted to gain confidence in myself in my business and in my work, I pushed myself (gently) to put my business and me out there. I joined a local small business community and went to networking brunches (which were very much out of my comfort zone) but once I'd done one I realised they weren't too scary and now I'm a regular with maybe a little too much to say. 🙈 🤣

I also tried a few more ideas with my business and probably one of the most important lessons I learned was to say no to things that didn't bring me joy anymore. Sadly that meant dropping a few hat designs from my collection, but I do feel now that my collection is exactly how I want it to be, and my business is now in a really good place to continue and be more sucessful.

So whats my word of the year for this year? Well its grow, I want to grow my business, grow my mind, grow and breathe into the person I want to be not just wish I was. For the first time I've set proper business goals and i'm taking small steps with my personal goals, starting with going to the gym just twice a week and having at least 3 nights off work (ie no crochet hook or phone in hand!) 

Do you have a new years resolution or do you have a word of the year? what do you prefer? 
Love Lou xx 
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