2024 here we come!

2024 here we come!

How has it been nearly a year since my last blog post, I guess its been a pretty hectic one. We've renovated a house for most of the year as well as continuing to grow this business quite successfully on top of all the other daily life events of being a family of 5.

I'm just working through the numbers for the dreaded tax return and its definitely been our best year yet! I've also had a chance to look at what goals I set myself this year back in January and I'm very proud to say I've hit every single of them. These were my goals and I'm smashed them this year:

* to reach 10k followers on insta (currently at 10.2K)

* to get over 900 orders (925)

* to obtain a certain amount of sales 

* to start selling patterns and to try crochet kits (which have been so popular that this will be a focus of 2024) 

I've never set goals before well not for the business, I've done the new years resolutions of I'll be healthier or I'll eat better and I'll do more exercise but we all know by the end of January they go straight out the window. So I guess I had negative feelings towards setting business ones as I didn't want to fail at them, however I set these goals and then I broke them down into monthly goals, and made sure I assessed every month. There were quiet months when I didn't hit the goals but then I've had super busy months where I over hit them so its equalled out. So I'm now working on setting new goals for 2024 with mixed feelings as I want and need them to be achievable and I want to continue to grow. I can't wait to start 2024 but for now I am taking some much needed time off with my family see you all January 2nd! 

Love Lou x x 

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