Meet the Maker: Q&A with Lou

Meet the Maker: Q&A with Lou

🌿✨ Exclusive Q&A with Me, Lou: Founder of Tea and Crochet ✨🌿

Hello, fellow crochet enthusiasts and tea lovers alike! Today, I'm thrilled to invite you on a journey behind the scenes of Tea and Crochet. Join me as we delve into my personal story, inspirations, and the passion that fuels this cozy crafting haven. So, grab your favorite mug, settle in, and let's embark on this delightful adventure together!


How I stumbled into the wonderful world of crochet? What sparked the idea to launch Tea and Crochet as my own business venture?"

Well I’m Lou & I became a mum in 2011 and to help with those first time mum struggles I started to crochet. It took a while to get the hang of it but I perserved. As my family grew so did our love for outdoor adventures and we spent many an hour in the woods or along the shore. I felt a lot of highstreet hats/bonnets at the time didn’t suit, fit or inspire my boys and their love for nature and the outdoor world, so I started to create my own. Most of my designs are my own and are inspired by my boys as well as being tested vigorously by them. My business has grown exponentially through the past five years and this is now my full time job which I am lucky enough to help support my family.

Where does our name Tea and Crochet come from?

Tea and Crochet came about when I decided to start a blog while I was teaching myself to crochet by following along with a CAL(crochet along) way back in 2014 to make a blanket that I made for my brothers 30th. I wanted to create a journal of how i made this project, my business didn't really start fully until 2017/18 though as having 3 boys at home and being a stay at home mum came first. So the name stuck as it still reminds me of how I started and why. 

What is our favorite design to crochet, and why?

Ooo tough one but i think its always going to be our bear bonnets, they are our longest running design and I just love making them from start to finish, they are so relaxing to make, and I can make them pretty quickly from memory. 

A memorable or meaningful experience I've had as a crochet maker?

I think my most memorable experience was when I attended a networking evening and one lady was so happy to meet me and called me "the crochet queen" It made me feel ever so special. 

What sets our crochet creations apart from others on the market?

I'd like to say my firstly my designs, as I tend to design all of our items in house, and secondly the quality, with over 12 years of crocheting under my belt I am super proud of every make that leaves our studio. 

Where do I draw inspiration for our designs? 

This is a tough one as its always been from my boys, when I started this business they were only small (2,6 & 8) and I made for them whatever they loved being and pretending to be in the woods on our adventures. 

How do I balance running a business with your passion for crochet? Do I have any tips for aspiring crochet entrepreneurs?

I guess really make sure you get joy out of making what you make, if you are going to sell it and sell it well make sure you enjoy it otherwise you'll end up hating it. There are a few designs that I only make at certain times in the year as they take longer and actually its easier to make them in my quieter times. 

How do I envision the future of Tea and Crochet? Are there any exciting projects or plans on the horizon?

In the upcoming year, my ambitions for Tea and Crochet are soaring. Get ready for an abundance of crochet kits and tutorials as I'm on a mission to share the sheer joy of crafting with everyone.

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